What is Sukuri?

Everything you need to know about Sukuri.

Sukuri Protocol is building infrastructure to support on-chain subscriptions with a focus on security, efficiency, and costs.

By offering the full capabilities of Account Abstraction and seamless integration with our protocol, anybody can build a monthly recurring revenue stream in minutes.

Smart Accounts

We use ERC-4337, a new standard for creating Smart Contract Accounts, to enable an extremely fluid experience on our platform. Projects can use our system of Smart Accounts to track and maintain users on their own platform that requires a gated fee for access. Sukuri Smart Accounts can be used across any platform integrated with Sukuri. Users can also create their own accounts for use with the Sukuri Marketplace platform, or with future projects that integrate with the protocol.

These kinds of accounts enable a lot of features such as:

  • Sponsored transactions, making it free for the end user

  • Automated subscription management

  • Support for third-party authentication

  • Upgradable account features

  • Ability to pay with ETH or ERC-20 tokens for transactions like USDC and WETH

Read more about smart accounts here.


Subscriptions within the protocol can be seen as extended NFTs. We offer two token standards for projects to use. We have created an extended version of the ERC-721/ERC-1155 standards built to work with Sukuri Smart Accounts and support protocol specific user operations.

Subscriptions are wrapped into these tokens and a Smart Accounts holds them. When you purchase a subscription, you have full ownership over that asset. You can transfer it to somebody else, burn it, sell it on our marketplace, or hold it until you the time period set for said subscription runs out.

Read more about how subscriptions work here, and the token standards here.

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