Smart Accounts

Smart Accounts are integral within our protocol, acting as personalized vaults holding native ETH/ERC-20 tokens for users. They streamline interactions with Sukuri subscriptions, automating charges sans manual approval or third-party app logins.

The innovation lies in facilitating gasless transactions, easing the subscription process. By decoupling transaction initiation and fee payment, Smart Accounts embody a user-centric, cost-effective approach for seamless subscription management on Ethereum. Through Smart Accounts, we are not just simplifying transactions but redefining user engagement with blockchain subscriptions.

Smart Accounts are created for free, instantly, when a new user joins the protocol. User accounts can be created directly through Sukuri. In the future, we plan to support user creation through SDKs and APIs so that you can integrate without making users go to the Sukuri website.

While these accounts are created for free, interacting with anything that requires payment on the platform will require topping up your account with ETH/ERC-20 tokens. You can withdraw whatever you put in to an EOA at any time. Sukuri Protocol cannot take funds out without prior agreement through one of our subscription contracts.

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