Subscriptions are what users are minting, purchasing, and trading on the protocol. In the Web2 world, subscriptions are simply paid agreements for temporary ownership of something. What it is you're paying for access to can vary from a license to software, to a physical item delivered to your door each month. Our protocol builds on top of this concept.

With our protocol, subscriptions can now be tokenized. This means a decentralized system of Smart Contracts can now control and relay information regarding these subscriptions. By "wrapping" these subscriptions in ERC-721S/1155S contracts, you enable many features that were not possible with tradition Web2 versions. Those features include but are not limited to:

  • Transferable subscriptions

  • Re-sellable subscriptions

  • Verifiable proof of payment on-chain

  • Ability to interface with traditional Smart Contracts

and much more...

Subscription Hierarchy

When you create your project on Sukuri, there are multiple layers to subscriptions.

First, you have your top-level Project. This project represents your product as a whole. You can set the following parameters:

  • Name of Project

  • A short and long description of the project

  • A logo, heading, and thumbnail image for your project

  • Links to third-party sites regarding your project (Website, Twitter, Discord, etc.)

Projects can have multiple ERC-721S or ERC-1155S Contracts linked to them. Each Smart Contract represents a single Tier of subscription or multiple Tiers. We call these Subscription Groups.

Within subscription groups, you can have one or multiple Tiers. Tiers can have the following parameters, and act as what users will actually purchase:

  • Name of Tier

  • Short description of Tier

  • Price

  • Accepted payment type (ETH or ERC-20 tokens)

  • Subscription time period

  • A list of features to compare to other tiers

An example of this hierarchy could be like so. It is assumed that each higher tier will also inherit features from lower tiers in the same subscription group:

Project: Sukuri Super Secret Alpha Group

  • Subscription Group 1: General Access

    • Tier 1:

      • Name: Bronze Pass

        • Price: 0.01 ETH

        • Period: 30 Days

        • Extra Features: Basic access to a Discord and channels

    • Tier 2:

      • Name: Silver Pass

        • Price: 0.025 ETH

        • Period: 30 Days

        • Extra Features: Access to secret channel in Discord for Silver and higher

    • Tier 3:

      • Name: Gold Pass

        • Price: 0.1 ETH

        • Period: 30 Days

        • Extra Features: Voting on which coins to share in group.

  • Subscription Group 2: Lifetime Access

    • Tier 1:

      • Name: Lifetime Access

        • Price: 1 ETH

        • Period: Unlimited

        • Extra Features: Everything from general access + a board member status in the group.

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