Paymasters are a crucial component of our protocol, enabling gasless transactions. They assume the gas costs, providing a seamless user experience. By opting for an invoicing feature, projects can cover gas fees for their user base, with a monthly invoice summarizing the costs.

This invoicing system simplifies gas fee management for projects, offering a straightforward way to handle gas expenses. Each month, the gas costs incurred are tallied and an invoice is sent to the respective project. This fosters a predictable financial framework, aiding in budget management.

Should a project choose, they can automate invoice payments from their project treasury. This auto-pay feature further streamlines the process, ensuring continuous service. However, failure to settle the invoice leads to account freezing, securing the protocol's financial interests.

The freezing of accounts and project treasury on non-payment ensures compliance and encourages timely settlements. This mechanism safeguards the protocol's operational integrity while offering projects a flexible yet accountable way to manage gas costs. By enabling the paymaster service, you agree to these terms and recognize that your funds can be frozen if you do not pay in a timely manner.

Through Paymasters and the innovative invoicing system, we're pioneering a hassle-free, financially transparent ecosystem, allowing projects to support gasless transactions. This in turn enhances user engagement, making blockchain-based subscriptions on Sukuri a more accessible and attractive proposition.

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